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Sends us your recordings made at home, at a studio, in the rehearsall room or even from a live gig….

 …and we´ ll take care of the rest. We process and mix your tracks in 64 bit DAW, using the latest technology available in analogic emulation, to achieve that record sound, warm, compact, wide and deep, that we all know and like.

Vintage or modern sound, crystal clear or heavily coloured, just let us know what you want your sound to be like.

Please get in touch for more info.


Rock, hip hop, pop, funk, jazz, blues, drum & bass, techno, house

Give us a musical reference (an album or a particular track), and we´ll make your mix sound like you imagine it.


You might only need a demo to book some gigs. Perhaps you just want to mix one track…or maybe a few…or even a whole album.

We are flexible and adapt to your needs.

mastering À la cartE

Youtube, Bandcamp, iTunes, CD…

 Online streaming platforms use mechanisms to obtain equal loudness between different tracks: this way the listeners enjoy a more comfortable experience, without big changes in volume between videos and songs.

We´ ll first process your mix: tonal balance, dynamic range, analogue colour and commercial loudness. We´ ll make sure the track sounds good on all kind of devices and evironments, with that record final polish shining over it.

We will then provide you with different versions of the master tracks, each one adapted to the platform where it will be published: you´ ll get specific files for Youtube,
Soundcloud, Bandcamp and iTunes. Each version is optimised so the platforms algorithms won´t affect the track volume, making it sound with the best dynamic range, and as close as possible to the original master track.


Digital edition for a perfect performance

Whether you need to tune a vox track, or time-correct execution mistakes on any instrument, or even cleaning unwanted noise from a track, we have solutions for you.

DAW editing allows us to be millimetrically precise in the corrections we apply, maintaning the natural feeling of the take
at all times.  We can work with mono and stereo files, and even group of multi-mic recordings (ie drums).

Please get in touch for more info.


If you want to tune a vox track without the effect being too apparent, you have to tune each syllable, by hand. We use VariAudio technology from Steinberg to correct each note, with control over frequency and vibrato, in order to achieve natural sounding tuned tracks, free of any kind of sound artifacts.


Is your drummer having one of those fight-the-metronome days? Have you recorded the perfect take, but realize there´s too much ambient noise? Don´t worry, we can surely rescue the track, and make the drummer play in time. digital edition and time warping in Cubase, and iZotope audio restoration technology for noise cleaning. 


Individual or in group

We like to work at Doppler Media, a great recording studio in Alcobendas (Madrid), where we will have access to their recordig gear, where we will have more than enough recording chain options to provide a unique analogue touch to the tracks.

Professional grade microphones, preamps and compressors, modern and vintage: a wide game of flavours to record any kind of instrument, providing your most preferred colour to the recording.

Doppler Media can provide two separate rooms for individual or group recording, and we´ ll book the studio on a per-hour basis. Please get in touch for more info.

Tagarnina “Tu vuo fá l´americano” ©2019

Live recording from the rehearsall room of Tagarnina´s cover of this knonw italian song from the 40´s.
Each audio track was ran trough our hardware chain for a better definition and placement of the instruments, and a bigger depth and stereo width on the mix. Analog mastering delivered in Youtube specific format. The fastest and most economical way of getting the demo for your band done.


Gau  “Gau” ©2018

 Gau introduce themselves with this evocative EP, where they show with strength their sonic identity: progressive folck-rock that you haven´t heard before, with ellaborate and emotional compositions, intimate sections followed by epic moments.
During the recording, we put special focus in capturing natural takes, that would well represent the sound of the band, but with lots of power and clarity.
We aimed for a vintage and analogue sounding mix, with warm lows and smooth highs, and plenty of clarity and definition.
You can listen to the album in Soundcloud, or buy it in bandcamp.

Gau Bandcamp

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